My passphrase has 156 chars but I cannot input in trezoe suite in new version

My passphrase has 156 chars (create in 2019) but Now, I cannot input in trezor suite ( new version 2023).

Trezor One never supported passphrases longer than 50 characters. You would probably need to just use the first 50 characters?

On Trezor T, it was possible to use a longer passphrase, but that option was removed in firmware version 2.3.0. in March 2020. If you have a Trezor T, you will need to downgrade to version 2.2.0 first. Then you will need to use the old wallet at, because I don’t think Suite ever allowed passphrases of more than 50 characters.


@zardokar make sure you are not confusing passphrase with the seed words, these are different things.

So unless you used your seed back in 2019 to create passphrase, you should be clicking in Standard wallet.

If you want to use passphrase learn more here:


Thank You, You save my life !