My Metamask not working well with Trezor1

Hello i have an issue with my Trezor 1 on Metamask
Everytime i tried to sign on Trezor 1 i have to wait around 5 minutes until its appear a confirm screen on my Trezor1

I start to transfer my eth on Metamask that along with my Trezor1 i have to wait around 4-5 minutes to make it appear on my Trezor1 screen to press confirm.
I tried to remove my Metamask extension and reinstall it and its work. but after i restart my Desktop PC it’s happen again i have to wait 4-5 minutes everytime i want to sign something.

anyone know how to solve this problem?

PS. my Trezor1 firmware is latest and it’s happen on both Chrome and Firefox and
sorry for my english

This situation has something to do with your computer configuration, system configuration, browser, etc.
It is not something the staff at trezor can fix.
You can find a computer with a top-level configuration to test whether the response speed is fast.