My device is getting "unrecognized device" message

I’m on my Metamask account that connected to my Trezor. Than I’m trying to make a simple transaction like transferring MATIC from one wallet to another.
Than a window pops up and I write my pin code, than my password, and than I get a message that my device is not recognized and that transaction is failing.

BTW, on Trezor Suite everything works!

Please help

Can you make screenshot of the error message, please?

That happens after I put my pin code and the phaseprase.
It pops up instead of the option to sign my transaction.

and one more thing. from the moment it showed it, it doesn’t show it again. and every time I want to make a transaction, the testnet just pops for one second and disappears .

Libusb error means there can be driver issue.

Are you on Windows? Try different browser, make sure popups are not blocked.