My crypto disappeared after an update

I have a Trezor from 2013. I had 4 different cryptos in it. I went to log in last night and it said I needed to update firmware. I did and it said firmware failed. Now when I log in it says firmware is up to date but the wallet is empty. Do you think I should reload with the seed. I checked and the seed is fine I can’t imagine what happened to my crypto? I don’t think anyone stole it although I’m not sure.

Hello @Pfranceus,

If you do not see your coins and there are no unauthorized transactions, it’s likely that you are checking different wallet.

To find a correct wallet, you need to use the same combination of recovery seed (12 or 24 words) + passphrase as was used in the past.

Your situation is fully described in this guide and I advise you to perform all steps one by one:

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