My BTC was stolen by someone

Hello! In January 2022, I was given a Trezor One as a gift. I heard a lot of good things about him and always dreamed about him. I kept all my money there. A terrible thing happened that I noticed only in June 2022-(… In April 2022, part of the funds was transferred from me somewhere-( And then in May 2022 the same-( The phrase was kept in a safe that only I had access to. All key updates were on time and I installed the application from the official site, I’m sure of it… What could happen, because judging by the topics of this community, I’m not the only one and about the same time frame?

Hi, sorry for your issues.

a) Are there multiple individuals with physical access to your Trezor device?
b) Are there multiple individuals with a knowledge of your PIN and passphrase (if used)?

Regarding your seed words:

a) Are there multiple individuals with access to your recovery seed words?
b) Was the recovery seed ever entered into a third-party app/wallet or other tool?
c) Did you, at any point, search for Trezor Wallet (or just Trezor) using Google or any other search engine in order to access your funds? Furthermore, and this is crucial;

d) Have you ever typed your seed into a form like the one pictured in this article?

Please, note that you may even encounter these forms requesting your recovery seed in a different order.

e) Do you keep the recovery seed in physical or digital form?
f) Do you use passphrase ?

No. After all, it is not required when setting up a wallet.

Explain then how this could happen. The wallet is completely original.

please, open a ticket, thank you:

And what will it give me?
After all, my funds were stolen. But you promise that they are in a safe place.

We can help you investigate, but we need some sensitive information that cannot be shared here, so please open the ticket.

Also, I suggest checking your other wallets or exchanges if you did not make this transaction yourself, people often forget after a long time.

What do I need to do by clicking on the link?

just write your message here, please.

It is not, it is from an unauthorized reseller as you confirmed.

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