Multiple wallets? Secure a metamask and still use trezor for other things

I want to set up my trezor with keys from metamask. Does that have to be done with one trezor or can you do that as an extra wallet? And then still have some coins in your trezor or secure a separate met metamask?
And if the answer is only 1 trezor I would need to reboot this one and start over. Any concern or issue doing that? I just got it and only have one coin in so I can easily move that out and reboot it. I primarily want my trezor to secure a metamask. Thanks!

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Do you really think it is safe to recover a trezor hardware wallet with the private key of the hot wallet?
Any hacker who can get your metamask mnemonic can fully control your coins.
I don’t understand what it means for people with this idea to do this.

say more please? I am doing it to protect stakes that can not be moved from that metamask. I was able to get it done yesterday. But regarding your comment I want to know more? Isn’t it the same that if anyone had my trezor seed phrase they can also control the coins? How is one less safe than the other?

what is metamask ? it’s a hot wallet . it is always on line !
What is the point of using trezor? It is for cold storage!
When using trezor to generate a wallet, you will never enter these seedwords on your computer.
Let’s make an analogy.
MM is a lockable drawer on a desk. trezor is a large one-ton safe.
Because the keys of the drawer are easily copied by others, it is not very safe to put money in the drawer.
This one-ton safe has various security measures to choose from, none of which is available to others.
But your approach is very strange, you choose to use the key on that drawer to open the safest safe.
Do you think this approach is safe?

I have seen even more weird practices.
Someone bought trezor to make the MM wallet more secure. Because his MM wallet has lost assets.
He just connected Trezor and MM, and thought it was safer. As a result, assets continue to be lost…