Multiple wallets (Ronin, Ronin and Metamask) on trezor

Hi everyone, excuse me if my english may fail.

I going to buy a trezor but i wonder if in the same trezor device store

1 Ronin wallet, main use in games
1 Ronin wallet, for scholarship purpose
1 Metamask wallet for other purpose (swap or nft games)

is this posible?

hi @jsbitcoin211

Yes, you can connect your Trezor device (with the same seed) to all 3rd party apps mentioned via Trezor Connect.

thanks, so there is no problem configuring multiple wallets (in this case 3 differents wallets) in the same device

As long as you have a trezor, you have countless wallets.
But it seems that trezor does not support nft.

hi thanks for the answer, about the nft, i see a lot of people recommended trezor to keep safe nft like axies in the game axie infinity, and that’s why i really considering buy a trezor