Multiple different wallets on one device?

Hi! Super new and clueless. :slight_smile:

I have a MetaMask wallet and a Temple Tezos wallet. Need to protect them, obvs. Can I do that with one cold wallet? (I’m thinking the Model T), or would I need two? Is two safer? Has anyone tried it with one? Any thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks!

a cold wallet only protect the coin on the addresses which created by the cold wallet.
if you have some coin in your Metamask already , a trezor T can’t protect them .
you will creat a wallet metamask-trezor , and send your coin there to be protected.

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and the same for Simple Staking - wallet for Tezos that can be paired with your Trezor.
In order to secure your funds on Trezor you have to transfer them to newly created (Trezor) addresses.

Note that you can pair your Trezor device with as many compatible 3rd party wallets (such as Metamask or Simple Staking) as you’d like.

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Ok, I think I’m starting to get it.

I have so little crypto in each wallet that I’m not looking to wrap my head around staking just yet. Hopefully someday.

What I really want to do is secure my NFTs.
Most of which are on Tezos/Temple Tezos. But I have some on Ethereum/MetaMask as well.

I just saw a video explaining how to move your NFTs from Metamask into a new Trezor device, after creating a wallet on the new device. That seems like what you’re saying above.

So it looks like I CAN protect my Ethereum NFTs and my Tezos NFTs.

Is this kind of common? Is it generally what people do?
(I’ve heard of people having different wallets for different blockchains).

Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile: