Moving DOT to Trezor Suite

I’ve managed to figure out how to add an unsupported token (KYL) to Trezor Suite/Model T. I cannot figure out how to set things up on Suite to receive DOT, which is actually supported. Could someone please provide me with idiot proof instructions to do so. Need to get my crypto off the exchanges and into cold storage. Appreciated.

Hi @Arc

KYL is ERC20 token and those are supported on Trezor as they are issued on ETH network.
However DOT has its own mainnet and that one is not supported unlike xDOT (which is ERC20 as well thus supported).

Thank you for responding. That’s so odd, as this list clearly shows DOT trezor-core/ at master · trezor/trezor-core · GitHub.

That’s the Dotcoin token:

How add token DOT to Trezor?
On Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. wrote that Dot is supported on Trezor. This is a lie?

Hi @Blago ,

only xDOT (ERC20 token) is supported as mentioned in one of the posts above:

Trezor misleads buyers! Why list DOT if it’s not supported. xDot it is not DOT. Deliberate deception from Trezor.

If you search the list you found, you see that only xDOT is supported by Trezor, not DOT.

Please abstain from using words as lie and deception. No one is lying to you or trying to deceive you in any way. You should ask in these forums before you try to transfer any coins or tokens in the future.


Please also note that we are unfortunately not an authority on token symbols. So always do your own research or ask Trezor support if desired token is supported or not before sending any assets into your wallet. Thx

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