More than one seed phrase on a single device?

I had two devices with different seed phrase accounts. I lost one of the devices. Can I now use the device I stil have to access both accounts? Can I use both accounts, with different seed phrases, on the one device that I still have? Or should I buy another device to restore the account that was associated with the lost device?

Hi @Amat77

You can recover the seed that was created on the device you have lost on the device you still have however you can use only one seed (access only one Standard wallet) at the time.

Thank you. Currently I cant see how to recover my other (lost) wallet on my new device…

You’ll be asked if you want to create new wallet or recover an old one after you install the firmware (as shown on the picture below):

Please note that if your current device is already initialized (there is some wallet) you have to wipe it first…

Ah thank you - yes the device i still have has been initialised. So its safe to wipe the wallet, install the seed of the old account, move those funds, then wipe the device again, and re-install the other account?

as long as you have verified recovery seeds then yes

Thanks - all done now!

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