MoneroGUI v0.18.1.0 Transacton Error

Sending error

Every time I try and send Monero on MoneroGUI v0.18.1.0, I get the above error message. My Trezor version 2.5.2 (Latest). How do I resolve this?

I have already asked help on the Monero Telegram, Monero Reddit & even the Monero Element group, but still not able to sort out the above problem.

any help would be really grateful, as I have been trying to sort this out for four days.

OS: PureOS (Debian based OS)

Thank you


Try the tips in the link below, default homesreen and less UTXOs.

You can also try Exodus wallet since that is supports XMR too.

This is probably a new bug that affects sending to integrated addresses. You could try unpacking the address and sending to subaddress + payment id manually, but I’m honestly not sure how that works or whether Monero GUI even supports that.

Until this is fixed, you could ask the recipient to give you a subaddress, or set up a hot wallet, send the funds to it and then send to the destination from the hot wallet.