Monero (XMR) balance fetching from within Suite directly [Feature request] ▫

Trezor T claim to support Monero (XMR), and it does… but there’s no way to see/manage/spend them from the device or the suite. While I can easily deal with that limitation (by using Monero’s official GUI hot wallet to manage my Trezor’s XMR), I’m hardly understanding why Trezor couldn’t, at the very least, implement a simple XMR balance lookup that would simply fetch our device’s XMR, allowing us to view our current XMR balance from the device/suite directly

Hi @w7x

Thank you for your insight. Some coins are fully integrated, some not (like Monero). In such cases, a third-party is needed. AFAIK, there is no plan to integrate XMR ATM. There are other features with a higher priority. See Trezor · Suite · Roadmap 🔥 · GitHub if you like.

If I connect my trezor model t to Exodus’s desktop wallet, can I manage, buy and sell Monero from within Exoduses desktop wallet? To be clear if I transfer Monero from Exodus to my trezor model t hard wallet, is it actually in the hard wallet, and how do I know it is?

Hi @jsun

Some third-party apps may create their own default wallets, different from the one generated by Trezor. To make sure you are interacting with Trezor generated one, pair your Trezor with Monero GUI first

Once you connect your Trezor device to any other app (like Exodus), check the XMR account by comparing its address (whether it matches to the address you got when Trezor paired with Monero GUI).

I heard you partnered with Exodus. Does this mean that it can transfer xmr to my trezor model t hardware wallet. If not is there a way to get the xmr into my trezor wallet through exodus? Do I need to use the gui wallet to do this?

First, you need to generate a XMR receiving address by your Trezor device, no matter what compatible app is used. Once it’s generated, you can send your funds there. (Note: make sure, the receiving address is generated by Trezor device.)

Thanks Pavel,
What would be a list of such “compatible app”, to generate (and preferably manage) such a Trezor’s (device) XMR wallet ? … IIUR::
-Monero-GUI: ,
-Trezor Suite: ☐,
-Trezor Wallet: ☐,
-Exodus: ?

Do you mean the public address?

For receiving any cryptocurrency, you need to create a receiving address. Learn more Suite manual:Receiving payments - Trezor Wiki

As for apps, AFAIK Monero GUI can be used with Trezor for sure.