Model 1 wont accept orig 24 character p.phrase used during set up

Transferred btc to my Mod 1 back in January 2023. Went to access my btc recently (July 23) and it will not allow me to enter the 24 phrase code that Trezor provided with my Mod 1. I know they say it is only a 12 character phrase for mod 1 but it was set up with24 and my 24 word backup test shows the seed is valid. However when I go to enter the seed it turns to red after about 16 or 17 characters.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.


so first of all



That includes legitimate (looking) software like Trezor Suite. The Suite will never ask you to enter the seed phrase.

It looks like you’re asked for a passphrase for opening a hidden wallet. If you’re using Suite, and it’s a legitimate download, and there is no keylogger, and you didn’t get past the 17 words entered, you are okay.

Otherwise, your funds are at risk of being stolen. You should move them as soon as you manage to do so.

The only time you would be entering your seed phrase (24 word backup) into a computer is:

  1. when recovering your wallet (or checking backup)
  2. word by word, not the whole thing at once, and
  3. following instructions on Trezor screen, saying which of the 24 words to enter next.

No instructions from Trezor = no entering seed.

even better if you can use the Advanced recovery, where you don’t enter the words on the computer at all and instead use a PIN pad to enter through Trezor.