Missing some of the Trezor Suite wallet supported coins

Hi, there are some coins that in your website list Trezor Suite as the supported wallet, but do not appear in my list of 14 coins that can be enabled. One example (and the one I’m most interested in) is Syscoin.

It shows Trezor Suite support under Wallet, but it is not among the 14 coins that I’m able to activate in the Trezor Suite.

Is there something I’m missing—some update I need to make—in order to add these other coins to my Trezor Suite? Or am I fundamentally misunderstanding what your website is saying when it says the Syscoin wallet is compatible with Trezor Suite?

Hi @hinder,

there are more types of supported coins. Syscoin for example is supported in Trezor devices, but it is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. It means you need to use your Trezor with 3rd party app that supports Syscoin.

You can find more information about the types of supported coins here: Supported coins in Trezor


Right, and the in the Trezor list of supported coins, Syscoin is listed as supported in the native Trezor Suite wallet:


So if that list is not accurate. Where is the actual list of what coins are supported in the Trezor Suite wallet?

Only Syscoin as an ERC20 token is natively supported in Trezor Suite.

In case you have Syscoin as NEVM you need to use 3rd party wallet with your Trezor (for example MetaMask) and add Syscoin Mainnet (Syscoin Mainnet RPC and Chain settings | Chainlist).

Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found here: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube

Information on how to add EVM chain to MetaMask can be found here: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor - YouTube
(Polygon is shown as an example in this video, you need to use Syscoin Mainnet linked above for Syscoin NEVM)