Missing functionality from old Trezor web wallet

Hi there,

I need to do 50-100 payments everyday to BTC wallets i’ve used in the past. I used to open 2 web wallet tabs, enter all names of the clients i need to send BTC to in the comment boxes, then go back to previous tab and search tx history by the names entered, and copy-paste BTC wallets.

With current trezor suite it takes about 10 times longer to do so. Can you please make the web wallet similar to as it was? Otherwise, can you please recommend best practices to make many payments to the same wallets? Perhaps save the wallets? Or perhaps use 3rd party wallet that allows to connect to Trezor?

Thank you in advance!

Don’t fully understand your workflow, but the Electrum app is a pretty good desktop wallet. The website is electrum DOT org.

I use it only a couple of times a year, so I’m uncertain if it is suited to your high workload!