Missing account after moving SRC to Trezor

Hello Support Team,

Due to a problem with my Ledger device, I decided to import its seed phrase into my Trezor device for safekeeping. This process went smoothly, and I was able to access my funds on the Trezor without any issues.

However, the problem arose when I attempted to import the same account into Metamask. After completing the import process, I noticed that only one of my accounts was visible in Metamask. The other account, which was also associated with the same Ledger device, did not appear.

I am concerned about this missing account, as it contains a portion of my assets. I have double-checked the seed phrase and the import process to ensure accuracy but to no avail. The missing account still does not appear in my Metamask wallet.

Could you please provide guidance on how I can recover or locate this missing account within Metamask? Are there any specific steps I should follow or any additional information I might need to provide to assist with this issue?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

P.S. I still have the old metamask and

I hope that by “importing account into Metamask” you mean connect a hardware wallet – as opposed to importing your Ledger seed?
(If you did import the seed into a hot wallet, you should now consider that seed compromised, and move your funds to a new one ASAP.)

If you created a hardware-based account, you should see a screen like this when selecting the address:

Follow the instructions and “if you don’t see the accounts you expect, try switching the HD path”. In particular, the one selected by default is “BIP44 standard”, but your Ledger funds may have been at the “Legacy Ledger” paths.

Yeha it is indeed through hardware wallet. And yes, I tried switching paths. But still couldn’t see the other accounts.

On reddit someone told me, use a nano ledger instead of a trezor and I should be able to see the account.

But I don’t understand how I can see one of the two accounts vs two. As both were ledger accounts. If it was derivation paths issue I should see zero accounts and might?