Migrating to a new Mac

I have Trezor Suite working with a Model T on an iMac. Labels are stored locally (not Dropbox or Google Cloud)…no idea where they are stored…I’ve search and can’t find anything.

I have bought a new iMac. When I open my wallet in Trezor Suite on the new iMac, I only see my BTC account, not my two ETH accounts. I can still see all accounts and labels correctly on my old iMac. I have them sitting side by side.

Hoping that this is maybe due to missing metadata, I try to see about copying label info to the new iMac. But I can’t find where its stored.

I’ve googled quite a bit. This seems a common problem (moving to a new machine) and I can’t find a solution.

Any advice is appreciated.


Hi, the labels are locally stored here: ./Library/Application Support/@trezor/suite-desktop/metadata/

Try to upload them to Dropbox or Drive on your new Mac.