Mi money disapered

I’m going to try to describe my situation to see if anyone can tell me or have information about what’s happening to me.
I bought a Trezor One Wallet in July 2022.
During July 2022 until March 2023 I have been making Bitcoin purchases regularly, making a total of 6 transactions.
My problem is that a month ago I entered to try to make another small purchase, and to my surprise my cryptocurrencies are not in the account.
I made purchases in a hidden account, and neither my money appears in that account nor in the standard one.
Something strange is that my passphrase is in uppercase, I write the passphrase in uppercase and it tells me that the account is empty, however, if I write the passphrase in lowercase, a small amount of money appears, which corresponds to the first purchase that I did when I bought the wallet, but my original passphrase was in capital letters, and no one has had access to it to change it or anything.
Both in my bank account and in my BTC Direct account, which is where I bought the cryptocurrencies, the transactions appear with the total amount of money I bought and the date of purchase.
However, it does not appear in my wallet in any of the accounts.
Something strange is also that around March I was entering the wallet to check my money and if the total of the money appeared, therefore something has happened in the time between March 2023 and November 2023, which is the next time I entered to buy again and I already saw that my money did not appear.
I have tried to restore my Trezor wallet with the seed words, but my money still does not appear.
Technical support has given me some solutions but none of them have worked.

If anyone has any idea what could be happening it would be interesting to hear.

Thank you

I think that you sometimes entered the wrong passphrase and transferred the main funds to the wallet with the wrong passphrase.