Metamask user stuck on popup when trying to sign transaction

Hey guys,

Sent a verison of my story to support but wanted to share here too to help community.

Longtime Trezor Model One owner. Been able to sign transactions no problem in the past via Metamask connected Trezor wallet. Using Ethereum network. Have confirmed latest firmware on device (1.12.1), latest Trezor Suite update (23.12.3), Trezor Bridge is accessible, runing in my processes and updated too (20.0.33)

Today i tried both a Uniswap coin swap as well as just a direct Send transaction to another Eth account. Both times i get the popup window ( that asks you to connect device and pair device. I have ensured the device has been paired (it says so on the second popup…and i even unpaired and re-paired to make sure that wasnt a problem). However, i connect the device and the popup window never progresses, my device just sits with the logo on it.

I go over to Trezor Suite and the Suite recognizes the device, asks for PIN, offers confirmations, etc. and i can interact with no issue.

I had read about the popup disappearing, but never getting stuck on the popup screen. My last transaction was a simple send in Nov 2023, no issues. I have changed exactly nothing since then, other than updates.

Any help/ideas out there?


Hello? Can anyone help?