Metamask, Trezor, BNB Smart Chain

Hi there.
I tried to inform myself as much as possible before posting, but I still have some doubts.
I have set my Trezor with an Ethereum account, added the contractor for SHIB (which is now correctly shown in the Trezor Suite) and wish to transfer from an Exchange my Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin. I know that I can just use the Ethereum account but that would mean pay preposterous gas fees just for the transaction. I saw that there’s another route one can follow to achieve more or less the same but with far lower transaction fees, use the BNB Smart Chain:
I’ve installed Metamask and paired it with my Trezor (the very same Ethereum address shown in the Trezor Suite is shown in Metamask and “protected” by Trezor). In Metamask I have added the BNB Smart Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain Mainnet).

Now, can I now use the very same Ethereum address (that in Metamask with the BNB Smart Chain has the amount shown as “0 BNB”) when I chose to transfer my Shiba Inu coin via the BNB Smart Chain in the Exchange’s site?
If yes, and once that is done, will the “0 BNB” automatically change to “amount x transfered of SHIB”?
Thank you very much.

After some digging I think that I still have to do some changes in order to see/receive SHIB via the BSC network. I should add the SHIB token in Metamask, and to do so I have to insert the correct contractor address (searching via bscscan site). Correct?
Probably I could still receive the coins in my address without making this change, but in Metamask they won’t be shown as the respective token is not yet added.

@CoinOink please search the forum instead of creating duplicate topics,

Feel free to continue the discussion there. Thank you.

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Thank you very much,
I was sure that I searched but obviously not correctly. I’m sorry.
Thank you for the link.