MetaMask not working with latest Chrome/Brave update (ver 92.0.4515.1xx)

Since latest Chrome update (92.0.4515.107) MetaMask no longer asks to sign transactions and they get stuck Pending.

I’ve tried using Brave (Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115) and some sites won’t even connect to MetaMask (Binance Bridge). It gets stuck during Connecting Wallet…

Any fix for this?

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Hi @bdontrezor
Have your tried Firefox browser? Is your Trezor on the latest firmware version?
Also, try reinstall the Metamask extension.
Please note that ETH and ERC20 tokens can be also used in our Trezor Suite:

It works on Firefox, but I will try re-installing on Chrome.

I have same problem.
I need to use Trezor and Metamask extension on chrome not firefox.
Please fix trezor extension for support on chrome.