Manta tokens on Manta Network locked on Trezor

I stupidly deposited manta token with manta network to my eth address when rushing. i can see on the blockchain but not able to transfer it to exchange. I have the Trezor connected to my MM and can see all the EVM coins, but none on the manta network, when I use MM to try and transfer the tokens, the “MAX” button isn’t highlighted. Is there any way I can get my Manta tokens off the Manta network and back to Coinbase or another exchange?

Hi @norrinrad,

First, you need to add the Manta network to MetaMask. Information on how to add EVM chains to MetaMask can be found in the video linked in this thread: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Matic, Avax) - #2
(the Polygon network is used as an example, you need to find “Manta Pacific Mainnet” on and add this EVM to MetaMask)

Then you need to add the Manta token. Select “+Import tokens” in the MetaMask (on the “Tokens” tab) and paste the contract address of the Manta token: 0x95CeF13441Be50d20cA4558CC0a27B601aC544E5

You will then see your Manta tokens a you will have option to send them to the desired exchange.