LUKSO error forbidden key path

Hi, i put some LYX in my metamask wallet connected to my trezor, when i try to make any transaction, it fails and gives an error forbidden key path. i tried to change the security to prompt, still the same. please help.

Hi @feedom,

if you see “forbidden key path” error message it means that you are trying to send coins to ETH address generated on a different derivation path. Most likely one of the addresses you use is on the testnet and the other one is on the mainnet.

To be able to send funds to an ETH address on a different derivation path, you need to edit the “Safety checks” from “Strict” to “Prompt” (as you mentioned). Please, keep in mind that Safety checks will reset back to “Strict” once you reconnect your Trezor. It means that you need to edit it in Trezor Suite → close Trezor Suite (but do not unplug your Trezor device) → open MetaMask and send the transaction