Lost Trezor - recovered in Sparrow Wallet - Legacy BTC not showing

Hi there,

A little advice please.

I lost my Trezor model T (stupid I know).

Used the 12 word seed recovery phrase in Sparrow Wallet desktop and only partial funds are showing.

The BTC that has been recovered and is showing is from a current address type (Segwit from memory I think). However a significant amount that I have bought is in a legacy address type and not showing.

Any guidance will be gratefully received. Hopefully it’s a simple matter.

I can possibly find the Trezor but it’s a slim chance. I’ve ordered a new Trezor to move the funds from Sparrow back to a cold wallet.

Is there anyway to recover/find the additional BTC?

Thank you.

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Yes, youneed to add Legacy account to your Sparrow:

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Thanks for the advice. Do I make the change in the existing wallet or recover again to a legacy wallet. When I go to make the change I see a message asking me to clear keystores.

Screenshot of Sparrow at 9 Feb 2024 at 15_17_55

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All sorted now - Craig Raw, the developer of Sparrow helped me on his Telegram channel. Thanks for the support as well forgi.

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