Lost Solana transferring from exchange to Trezor

Hi there,

I recently got my Trezor wallet. I have Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana which I’ve kept on an exchange up to now. I’ve successfully moved the Bitcoin and Ethereum to the wallet, and I thought I’d moved the Solana on 31st March but it’s not yet arrived. A few things:
1.I couldn’t find the Solana coin by pressing the ‘+’ or the settings cog as per the Trezor help
2.I used the Ethereum wallet address with the exchange which it accepted
3.I have a confirmation of the transaction from the exchange
4.I spoke with the the exchange’s help and they said it definitely left their exchange but they can’t confirm anything about its receipt at the Trezor end hence this post
5.I looked on Etherscan and I can’t find a reference to the transaction using any of the addresses in the exchange’s transaction confirmation

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Who’s Node settings?

It sounds like you sent sol to an eth address.
Sol and eth are 2 totally different chains.

Use solscan to check the solana chain, with your eth address and see if it’s there.
But I suspect the SOL is lost.

It’s not possible to send Solana to an Ethereum address.

Either your exchange is straight up lying to you, or you did something other than send Solana. Perhaps you selected a different network (such as BSC if your exchange is Binance) and send a Wrapped Solana token to your Ethereum address?

You will need to figure out which network you used and look for your tokens on that network’s explorer

Please note that “Wrapped Solana” is not actual Solana – it’s, essentially, a tokenized IOU where someone (your exchange provider typically) promises to exchange the token 1-to-1 for actual Solana if you ask for it. It’s up to you how trustworthy you consider that promise. Best practice is to send back to the exchange and convert into the actual thing instead.

You might either be using an outdated version of Trezor Suite, or (more likely) you own a Trezor One. Solana is not supported on Trezor One.

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So I’ve discovered a number of things:
1.I have a Trezor One which can’t handle Solana. I think that means even if I had done everything right, I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, plus I wouldn’t be able to get a Solana address anyway
2.I believe this was the reason why Solana wasn’t showing up in my list of coins I could add. Interesting I found these things out by accident but that’s learning for you
3.I discovered I sent the SOL via the BSC. Again this wasn’t deliberate but the effect is much the same
4.I found the transaction on a BSC Explorer which says the transaction was executed and my SOL is sitting in the destination I provided to the exchange
5.You must be right about the wrapper
6.BSC seems to be a very toxic place with lots of warnings about being careful how I withdraw the SOL from the exchange

1.Since I don’t have a BSC wallet, I think all the BSC explorer is telling me is the transaction was executed and my SOL is now sitting in the destination I provided. I don’t think this means its stuck in the BSC itself
2.However since I’ve provided the ETH address provided by Trezor, and the Trezor Suite says its incompatible with BSC, I’m not sure how that’s possible
3.From what you say, it sounds like my best next action is to send the SOL back to the exchange from BSC and convert it back to Solana? But that would mean the SOL is actually residing on the BSC wouldn’t it?

I found the transaction record through a BSC Explorer so it’s not lost. The record says the SOL was sent to the ETH address that I got from Trezor. I’ve been told multiple times now how stupid this is, so please feel free to tell me again, but I’ve got the message. I’ve written a fuller explanation as to where I’m up to trying to solve this in response to Matejcik’s post below. I’d be grateful for any ideas you might have.

Good news for you is, BSC is fully supported by your Trezor One.
Just not in Trezor Suite. You will need to install Metamask or Rabby wallet, connect your Trezor, and enable the BSC network. Then you can control your shiny new tokens.

Here’s a guide for you: https://trezor.io/learn/a/metamask-and-trezor