Lost my trezor model T..I am totally blank how to recover that

I have lost my Trezor model T wallet.I am totally blank now…I remember only my hardware wallet pasword which is of 4 digit…which I used to use while login and connecting device to trezor.io
I do not remember my recovery phrase and where I kept.3Years back I brought.
How I can recover my old wallet in this situation.please guide me.

Hi @Chandan27jai,

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your Trezor T. In normal cicumstances you could get a new Trezor and do a manual Recovery, but unfortunately that’ll require you to input your private seed (the 12 english words). So if you lost your backup, which is the private seed, then there’s no way to recover your funds. You may want to look around in the house for the paper you wrote down your private seed, or look for your Trezor T.

See also: User manual:Emergency situations - Trezor Wiki