Lost Fantom (FTM) tokens when transferring from Crypto.com to Trezor T

I have one hidden wallet on Trezor requiring passports, I have added FTM token to both and check for the address which I can find on trezor.

I have checked ethplorer and can see that this address is being used even before I owned a Trezor so I wonder if some how I have been scammed.


you use Copy and paste to enter the address on Crypto.com right ?
where did you copy it from ?

If you say that you create a trezor wallet for the first time, open the suite and enter the eth wallet, address 1 is displayed, and you have sent coins to address 1. But you enter the standard wallet of the suite again, open the eth wallet, address 1 is missing, but address 2 appears.

This situation is theoretically impossible. This situation does not conform to the arithmetic logic of the hd wallet.

I sent FTM from KRAKEN and by default I couldn’t change chain. The address I used is my Ether address and the tokens are not showing in the wallet. I can see the transaction on ether scan as success. Is it true that in some cases “lost” token could be recoved via blockchain-nodeprotocol com or is not recommended to connect my trazor wallet there at all? Otherwise I have no idea how to recover these…

connect to Metamask and see your tokens there:

tried that @forgi, no luck, any other idea? did this transaction 3months ago

there is nothing else to be done, no luck because you were in the wrong wallet, leave the passphrase empty if you have not used hidden wallet.

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that could not be easier my friend! thank you!