Lost DOGE wallet created by Trezor

Hi Support,
Grateful if any of you could help me urgently please? I’ve just started using newly bought Trezor One today. All is well until I created a DOGE wallet (through Standard Wallet - not Hidden and with no passphrase). So the wallet was created and I clicked on ‘Receive’ in order for me to send DOGE from KUCoin to my Trezor DOGE wallet. I copied the generated ‘receive’ address from Trezor to KUCoin and then hit withdraw. The transaction went through successfully but after I get back into Trezor and tried to see the balance, the wallet is empty. When I go to see the DOGE wallet address it is no longer the address it has given me prior and now I can’t (don’t know) where or how to retrieve my DOGE.
I have attached some screen shots for you to see as well.
Please help!!! I’ve also put a ticket through support ticket ID: 214938.

Thank you!

that is really strange.
did the address shown by the PC match the address on the trezor at the time?
did you definitely download trezor suite from the proper website?

can you check the blockchain, the address that you sent to, was it an empty wallet before it received these funds? Just in case this was a wallet someone else was already using, thus a scammer…