Looking to recover my MetaMask safely

I got a new PC and looking to re-set up my MM. I heard the best way is to get a Trezor to recover the MM wallet and enter in the seeds thru the Trezor. And to create a dummy MM account and link to the trezor.

My MM is linked to a trezor (lets call this Trezor1) - so If I get another Trezor (lets call this Trezor2) and recover my MM wallet thru Trezor2 - my wallet will now be linked to 2 diff Trezors. Can I still get that dummy MM and need both Trezors for it to work? I’m not sure if I can plug in 2 trezors this way.

Or is there a better way of doing this?

Note - Trezor1 has some stakes locked so I cannot move the funds.

Don’t think this option would work but not sure how to do this…

Just to clarify - so I meant that the Trezor2 would now hold my keys of the MM wallet.

Hi @Fenix7,

I don’t see how you could recover (re-set as you say) your MetaMask account with a Trezor, other than use the MetaMask’s Recovery seed when you setup your Trezor 2. If that’s what you’re going to do, it’s easier (and cheaper) to just use MetaMask’s Recovery seed directly in MetaMask and recover your account.

Note that MetaMask’s Recovery seed is not the same as Trezor’s (Trezor 1) Recovery seed. If you’ve used the same seed in both, MetMask is simply a mirror of your Trezor 1 and that’s not how you should set it up.

You’ll only need to recover your MetaMask account with its seed if you have native MetaMask accounts, not connected to your Trezor 1.

Hi @Petosiris

Yea I meant to use my MM seed to set up in Trezor2. I get that it’s cheaper to recover the seed directly in MM - but I heard that recovering the normal way with a keyboard is not safe if there is key loggers on pc and they can get the seed and they say u shouldn’t do that.

And heard it’s better to put the seed in a trezor so it’s not located in ur pc. so less likely to get hacked.

And yes I am aware that the MM seed and trezor1 seed is diff. and thought that is why I couldn’t use the Trezor1 to host the MM so I needed a new one Trezor2 to do that. but than my account is really messed up with 2 linking to the same one if it does work that way. So was looking to see if this idea is feasible or if there is a better safer solution with out using keyboard to enter the seed normally.

Thoughts? Maybe I am missing something.

No, that is the unsafe thing to do. Your MM seed has already been potentially exposed.
It does not matter where you import it,
Trezor or any other device does not do what you think it does, if your seed has been exposed then your funds will be stolen, wherever your seed is.

The point if HW wallet is that it creates a new seed, on its own without ever exposing it and then keeps it safe.

If you import existing seed from SW wallet into HW wallet you are making it useless, in other words in will not give you any extra protection.

Keyloggers will probably be detected if you run anti-virus software. I’d advice you to install that, if you haven’t already.

I get what ur saying - that I could have been exposed - but IF I have NOT been exposed - won’t putting my seed in the trezor2 give me protection in the future if I get a virus or malware or whatever? Cause than the seed won’t be on my pc.
I heard that you should never type out the seed from the keyboard from the regular recovery. Maybe I am just over thinking things lol

Am just scared if Avast missed it and I get messed up. Since I only have the free version.

Well, the free version of Avast is better than nothing but you should have a better anti-virus package. I use Bitdefender (Total Security), which is tested as the best solution – at least it was when I chose it a few years ago.

It won’t help if your seed has already been exposed online. It’s only necessary to use one Trezor device so long as you keep your seed written down, safe and don’t save it online anywhere.

If you need to enter your Recovery seed then you’re probably in a situation where you can’t use your Trezor at all. You can always disconnect from Internet when you type the seed, and be sure you don’t have any keyloggers on that PC.

This is exactly right. If you have not been exposed, and someone doesn’t go dumpster diving for your old hard drive, then moving the same seed into a Trezor will be a good protection of that seed.

Of course, you don’t know whether the seed has been exposed or not. A hacker just might be waiting for you to move more money to that seed before draining it.

This is the crux of the issue here: you can’t 100% rely on Trezor to protect your seed if that seed was not handled securely from the very start.

But of course, if you keep that in mind, moving a seed onto a Trezor is more secure than not doing it. Just not the usual level of secure.

Do u think a Paid version is worth it like bitdefender? I am cheap lol.
Also do u think VPN is worth getting? I thought about VPN and than heard they were hacked before which to me makes it pointless.

Thanks for confirming, that is what I thought. Got another 1 and will try to double link it and if it does not work I will just use as a back up and recover the regular way.


Maybe. I’ve used VPN before but don’t use it at the moment because it was slowing down my Internet.
You can use Tor, which is built into Trezor Suite.


get a second HW new seed(tested and secured)

add an eth acount in trezor suite then add it into metamask cross check wallet addresses

trezo 1) for staking which you cant move

trezor 2 ) deep storage