Load an existing wallet onto new trezor

Is it possible to load an existing wallet onto trezor and enjoy the security benefits? I have the seed etc. I ask as I have crypto staked that I do not want to unstake and move to a new address.

I’m looking in guides and wondering if a “recovery” to new device would be best bet.

Current wallet is a hot wallet (mm).

Thanks in advance.

No, I don’t believe that’s possible. Your staked coins are bound to your account in Metamask. Even if you create a new Trezor connected wallet in Metmask, you’d have to unstake the coins to move them there, I think.

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So I couldn’t use my current mm seed phrase to recover my mm wallet onto the trezor?

So what does the recovery function do? Only able to recover old trezor wallets?

You could do that in theory. However, you wouldn’t get the security benefits. The seed already exists in Metamask and can be stolen by malware.

In theory, you could then erase your Metamask account to delete the seed phrase, create a new one, and connect Trezor. But for that, you need to believe that your seed isn’t already stolen, and the attacker isn’t just waiting for you to get more money before taking it all.

The recommended way to use Trezor securely is to use the seed phrase generated by Trezor, and never type that phrase into any computer.


OK thanks I think I get it. So the seed phrase over rides any security features of the trezor? I was hoping that any movement of funds would require intervention of the trezor regardless of wether they (the potential hacker) or me had a seed phrase.

The seed phrase is a full backup of your Trezor. That means that if someone gets hold of it, they can restore it (to another Trezor or to a software wallet) and get access to the coins.

Trezor is designed to handle the seed phrase safely without ever exposing it to the computer / Internet. However, it can’t do anything if the seed phrase is exposed already.

Got it.

Thank you very much for your help.

Looks like I have a few expensive days ahead of unstaking ahead of me.