Lenovo T460p, Ubuntu Linux, USB Issue

Hi, I am the new owner of a model 3. I run a laptop which is a few years old, the Lenovo T460p, with Ubuntu Linux. The laptop has three USB 3.0 ports and no USB-C. A fully featured A to C cable enables me to see that the driver is running when plugged in, but the software will not connect. Any suggestions?

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I’ve just bought a USB 3.0 to USB-C adapter so I can try thew genuine cable. I’ll report back.

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if using linux,
do you have the udev stuff setup correctly?
is trezor bridge service running?
without these, it’ll probably never work.
I’m a big fan of linux and running trezor with Linux Mint no problem.


Thanks for the reply. Embarrassingly, “sudo apt install trezor” was required, as documented here installati[dot]one[slash]install-trezor-ubuntu-22-04.

I’ve double checked, and this is not made clear on the trezor[dot]io[slash]start page!

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