KeepKey Wallet Recovery Using Trezor or Electrum?

2016 KeepKey hardware wallet fails to see my complete BTC accounts.

Can my Model T recover the KeepKey more reliably? I’m reluctant to wipe my Model T without asking first.

In the past I used the KeepKey software and then the Shapeshift Browser interface. It was always unreliable and left me feeling anxious.

I’ve experimented and tried to find my accounts using Electrum by modifying the derivation path with some limited success. Still can’t see a portion of the addresses. The Keepkey (shapeshift) support told me to just keep hitting refresh (they obviously know it’s crap). Again, I seemed to bring up some accounts, but not all.

For shure I didn’t use a passphrase. The keepkey just doesn’t work well. I wish I would’ve taken the coins off the first time I had the problem and found the accounts.

Is it worth trying to recover the keepkey generated account with my Model T or a waste of time because the derivation path is different? (guessing I’m answering my own question based on my electrum experiment knowledge)

Anyone else have the same Keep key problem and solution?

One mistake I made makes me wonder if it could have contributed to the problem. I used the Keepkey in 2017 to swap on the wallet using shapeshift software on the wallet. Shapeshift “lost” my transaction, I had to contact the exchange. I had them send back the BTC to the original address I sent from. Now I know that was a mistake and wouldn’t repeat, but that’s the only “misuse” I ever recognize doing. Could that have broken the account file structure or caused the difficulty I’m dealing with? Not sure.

Really love my Trezors, much more reliable.

Thanks if someone has a helpful suggestion.

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