Jaxx wallet migration to Trezor? sending crypto desabled

Hi All, Jaxx mobile wallet is recently closed their operation and so sending crypto is not available any more. They advice to do a migration to some wallet, like Exodus or Edge, as they preferred choice. Sending crypto or any other transaction are disabled in the app and they state you need to migrate the wallet with your 12-word backup phrase. I have existing Trezor with some coin on it and different coins are on Jaxx. Could you pls. advice how to proceed with that? Jaxx has 12 words, Trezor has a 24 word long phrase. Don’t they mess up with eachother after importing a new wallet? I suspect I can “import” only the full wallet.

First off, Trezor won’t let you load two phrases at the same time. So you can’t one-step import into Trezor – you would need to wipe the device and import the other seed, and you would not have access to your Trezor coins.

Second, Jaxx is a hot wallet. By using a seed generated in Jaxx, you lose the main benefit of using a hardware wallet, namely, that the seed phrase was never ever exposed to a digital device, and so it’s not possible for malware to steal it.

I would recommend importing the seed into Exodus, and then, if you want to take advantage of Trezor, send the coins to Trezor addresses.

thank you Matejcik! now it is clear!