I've Sent WETH on matic to my Trezor ETH Address. ERC20. Can i access my Private keys? ▫

Hi. I made a Mistake and I’ve sent WETH on the Matic Poly Network to My ETH Address on the Trezor. Yeah I know, I wasn’t thinking.
So I need to find a Way to send it back. So can I access my Private Keys within Trezor and then move to metamask and then change the network and then Unwrap the WETH. Or is there another way around it… Any way to over come my stupidity would be grateful. Oh i can see the Tx on the polygon Block explorer… Thanks

I can’t Import the ERC20 token from Matic… even tho is an ERC…

Hi @Darrenk

You should be able o recover your coins. This may help you, Polygon network: MATIC Troubleshooting - Exodus Support

However, extracting private keys might be needed, which is something we neither recommend, nor we can instruct you on how to proceed with this for security reasons.

Although, we are not allowed to instruct Trezor users on how to export private keys, you can still do your own research. There is a number of resources online. If you decide to undergo this process, please, keep in mind, you can compromise your seed by doing so. To minimize the risk of losing funds, consider transferring your other assets to some safe place first.