It's been 7 days since I tried to send BTC from cash app to Trezor. Is it lost?

7 days ago I attempted to send BTC to my Trezor. I had a chat with their support and they assured me that if I had over 100,000 sats I could do a standard withdrawal that would take 24 hours. The rep said I could wait 24 hours and then come back and connect my Trezor. Well… it’s been 7 days and I’m still pending at cash app. I’m new to Trezor and the cash app. I’m wondering if anyone has any tips or clarification. To my knowledge, there isn’t a virtual wallet holding my BTC, waiting for me to connect my Trezor. Will it just appear in my Trezor in the not too distant future? Is there a certain time I need to be online with my Trezor connected and rubbing a rabbit’s foot?
haha, Any help or suggestions is appreciated at this time. I will never use cash app to buy BTC again!

if it’s pending in cashapp then it is their issue…do you at least have transaction ID?

Cashapp reached out via email today and asked me to buy more bitcoin and then try to send it to my Trezor and perform a video capture.

I bought $50 dollars in BTC and when I went to send it to my Trezor I noticed the previous sats were showing up. When using cash app they have a free transfer option that takes 24 hours. This it what a chose the first time that put me into a 7 day spiral. This time I chose 10 mins for a cost of $1.27.

The good news is my BTC shot into my Trezor one minute after I initiated the transfer. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I hope this helps!!!

Thank you @forgi for your response. I appreciate your attempt to help me. And yes, I did have the transaction ID.

the speed of transfer depends on the fee you choose in any wallet, I am not familiar with Cashapp but free transfer sounds like it can take a long time

When I chose the 24 hour version, after a week there was still no transfer, the priority transfer which took 2 minutes cost $1.27