Issues After Firmware Update

Newly opened ticket: 123227

Been using my Trezor One without a hitch until the update from 1.10.4 to 1.10.5. After that update, I could not anymore send crypto out of the Trezor-linked Metamask wallets. Not on Ethereum, not on Avalanche, nor Fantom, nor Polygon. The Metamask wallets not linked to my Trezor could still send and receive crypto as usual, but those wallets linked to Trezor won’t send anymore.

I can see the transaction hashes when they last received crypto, but when I try to send, the blockscanners won’t even register a “pending” as usual. It’s like the transaction doesn’t even get past the Trezor at all. And this is despite everything happening as usual: keying in the 6-dig PIN, pass phrase.

Pls someone help me, I am about to pay some monthly loan dues at a DeFi platform, and since that loan is tied to my wallet#, failure to pay will result in automatic default and loss of all my money

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I sent 50 avax to the Trezor account and now I can’t swap or withdraw my money

Help Me PLS!