Issue with Google Pay payments and slow ticket response

There is an issue with the Google Pay payments, yesterday when I tried to order a Trezor and pay with Google Pay, it said the payment failed, this happened twice. Afterwards I ordered one with a card directly and it passed. Two hours later I find out I have been triple charged and sent 2 orders.
It is incredibly frustrating that your refund policy will make me pay the transportation cost both ways, because you take too long to respond to such an issue.
I opened a ticket in the morning, zero response so far.

Hi, you will be of course refunded full amount for any extra charges, please wait for he ticket response.

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I had the same thing, but it’s not failed. I waited a couple of minutes to a hour (can’t remember anymore since it’s a while back), but got a confirmation of the order. So it’s a visual glitch or something. Trezor should do something about it but they received your payment and sent you a confirmation by email.

@forgi I got the same thing a while back, but I didn’t bother to report it because I got a confirmation by email, so I ignored the error. Would be good if Trezor investigated this. I saw this error on 6 December 2023 during my order.