Is "Trezor Shop" legitimate?

I recently purchased a Trezor device directly from Satoshi labs at to minimize the likelihood of receiving a tampered device. The invoice in my email, however, reads “Trezor Shop - Official Partner of TREZOR”. I was under the impression I was purchasing this device directly from the manufacturer and not from a partner or authorized reseller. Is it possible this is a scam? Thanks.

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The link that you posted is the main Satoshi Labs store for Trezor, yes. It redirects to when I click on it. I don’t know why the invoice is worded like you describe, but I know that Satoshi Labs don’t pack and send the actual Trezor devices and mercandise themselves, but use a partner company for that. Maybe that’s why the wording is phrased like this?

Let’s wait for an official explanation from Trezor support about the invoice text.

Yes, that is what the invoice says, you can send me the order token or the email from which you ordered so I double-check.
You can see our info in the supplier section on top.

Thanks @forgi and @Petosiris I think that helps clarify what I needed to know.

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