Is this form settings of new passpharse or it is only verification of my old passpharse?

Hello, I have metamask connected with Trezor One
When I want to send fund from this wallet, I need to confirm it in trezor But I also always see this form:

(This is from internet but I talk about same form)

Is it setting of new passpharse or it is verification of my old passpharse?
Two input spaces for one password is usually in creating password sites…
Thank you

if you are trying to access your passphrase wallet then you have to enter that specific passphrase, but you can also create a new one

So if I write new passpharse for first time when I connected hardware wallet to metamask. Does it means that metamask account is now secured by this passpharse?

it means you will create a new Trezor hidden wallet, you will just see it via MM

What do you mean by MM?

So is it true that when I enter new passpharse for first time in metamask, I add it to my metamask account?

You’re not adding anything to anything.

You can choose to use a passphrase every time you see this dialog.

Every time you use some passphrase, say “AAAAA”, you open a wallet associated with passphrase “AAAAA”. Every time you use passphrase “BBBBB”, you instead open a different wallet associated with that passphrase. Etc.
(if you just click “enter”, then you’re using no passphrase, and open a wallet associated with no passphrase)

So, if the first time you set up Metamask, you enter “AAAAA” here, you will get accounts and addresses that are associated with that passphrase.

The only way to get back to the same set of accounts is to enter “AAAAA” again. An attacker who steals your Trezor can’t get to your Metamask funds unless they also know that you are using “AAAAA” passphrase. This basically means that the Metamask account that you are using is protected by this passphrase.

If you enter a different passphrase, e.g., “BBBBB”, then Metamask will still open, but you will not be able to send any transactions. Metamask will say “address not found” or something like that.

But you can add the same Trezor to Metamask again, and use a different passphrase this time to get a different address. That new address would then be “protected” by the other passphrase.

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