Is there traces of old data when wiping a Trezor device?

Hi there, hope everyone is doing well.

My question today is there any trace of the old seed phrase on a Trezor (Model 1 or T) after a wiping the device (and after setting up a new seed). Purely hypothetical but lets say an individual is traveling through totalitarian regime. They wipe their device, set up a bait one, their recovery phrase will not be found. Would the RDP downgrade / any other exploit of the STM32 microcontroller be able to read old flash data? My understanding is the data is parsed into blocks of some sort and when it is wiped all of the data is 1’d I’m not a programmer


since trezors can only work with 1 seed at once, I’d be very surprised if you could pull out an old seed from a trezor that was wiped and a different seed inputted.

Trezor doesn’t have a filesystem, which means that those old adages about “file that is deleted is not really deleted” do not apply.

Trezor doesn’t work on files, it works on raw memory. If I say “erase sector 12”, then sector 12 gets erased (overwritten by all 1s) and there is no under-the-hood magic that would make the data stay.

So once you press that Wipe button, there is no way to get anything back.