Is there a way to brute force restart your trezor one if you forgot pin?


I found an old trezor with the right backup seed but forgot the pin. Trezor suite does not let me in without the pin. Is there a way to put in the seed and bypass this part?


Update: If you hold down both buttons on the trezor one it gives you the option to factory reset. Solving this problem


I can confirm that the only option is to factory reset your device and recover it with your recovery seed backup.

To prevent brute-force attacks, after every failed attempt, Trezor enforces a delay before it lets you try a different PIN again. This delay increases by the factor of two each time. Also, after 16 incorrect attempts, your device wipes itself, making it possible to access your funds only with the use of your recovery seed.

However, there is no problem with setting a new PIN after you factory reset your device and recover your original wallet with recovery seed.

The instructions on how to perform recovery process can be found here:

recovery - Trezor Model One
recovery - Trezor Model T

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