Is There a Limitation of 10 Wallets and Labels? I'm Encountering This Issue

Hello Trezor Team,

I hope you’re doing well! :blush:

I have a question about the functionality of Trezor T and Trezor Suite, and I’d like to better understand a potential limitation. I’m creating a wallet using the Passphrase, and within it, I’m organizing topics for an emergency fund, such as “Medication Reserve” and “Natural Disaster Reserve,” among others.

To facilitate replicating this model, I’m using the Trezor testnet and Ethereum Goerli Tokens. The idea is to create the model here and then transfer it to the ETH network.

The issue is that I’ve generated 10 wallets with different labels for each reserve topic

However, when attempting to add a new wallet within the same Passphrase, I noticed that I can’t add more wallets. My question is: does Trezor have a specific limitation allowing only 10 wallets with 10 labels?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could clarify this situation for me. Thank you in advance for your attention!

In partner wallets like Metamask, it’s possible to generate 50 addresses!