Is Passphrase necessary?

Hi, I have a simple question, is Passphrase necessary? In other words, is it possible to rely on recovery words 12 only. Thanks in advance

hi @omar

Passphrase feature is optional so it is totally up to you if you want to use this extra layer of security or not.
However it is recommended (only if understanding its mechanics) as it allows you to make your Trezor impervious to any physical attack.

In terms of security 12-word recovery seed is safe enough (128 bits of entropy).

Have a look also at this list of recommended security practices that will ensure maximum safety for your Trezor and your funds.


As MichalZ said: strong enough. May be, I will write about this later.

Its strongly recommended, but you will not see it in wiki(there its optional), but only in SatoshiLabs blog.
It adds additional layer of security(when entered solely on device). 12 word are part of 2048 words. Its BIP39 standard.
If you use passphrase, write it down as 13 word seed. And watch link on how to create strong passphrase MichalZ provided. Same as with any password.
For me, its strange that Model one has 24 words option and Model T - only 12. Saying its “enough”.

Also, I haven’t seen “canary” on Trezor website, and they are sometimes silent like partisans, so be aware, just in case.

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If you have doubts learn more about master binary seed creation.

Then, look here