Is my Trezor One connected with Exodus compromised?

I have been using my Trezor One for a few months. Today I wanted to send some Doge stored on my hardware wallet to another wallet address. However the amount of coin and the wallet address changed to a different one to confirm. I did not confirm it on the Trezor. I tried with BTC and the same thing happened. I do not have the current 11.5 update as nothing was mentioned as a security issue. I updated Exodus and the same thing happened. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi Steve, thanks for joining us on the forum!

It seems like since recently, Exodus has started to handle transactions differently and displays your change address instead of the receiving address you entered for the transaction. I was really confused by it at first, too! Please see the page What are change addresses on the Exodus website.

For Bitcoin, you can double-check that the change address displayed by Exodus and your Trezor device at that stage is yours by pairing your Trezor device with Sparrow Wallet and looking at your change addresses. If you wish to do so, please visit this guide for detailed steps: How to use the Trezor One Hardware Wallet (with Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet).

In the meantime, I advise you to use Trezor Suite to manage your Bitcoin and Dogecoin accounts. This way, it will be less confusing—until the Exodus team fixes this issue :+1:

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