Is it possible to use Trezor without the Suite/Bridge software?

I would like to use my Trezor simply as a hardware wallet paired with Metamask. Is there any way to enter your Trezor passcode without going through the suite or trezor software on your PC/Mac? With my Ledger I can simply enter the passcode directly into the device each time I plug it in without having to deal with any software. I was hoping you could do the same with Trezor.


If you use Chrome, Metamask (or the Trezor popup, to be more precise) can communicate directly with Trezor via the WebUSB extension. In that case you don’t need to install any additional software.

Otherwise you will either need to install Trezor Bridge or Trezor Suite (which actually integrates the Bridge).

Or buy a Trezor Model T where you can enter your PIN on-screen.

Hi Matejcik, Thanks for your help. I’m using Chrome/Brave with MM but not sure what you mean by “Trezor popup” or WebUSB extension. I’ve search the Chrome Store for “WebUSB” extension and dont see anything that looks reputable. Do you mind explaining in a little more detail how to get MM to interact with Trezor directly?


From the Learn article Pair and connect your Trezor device with Metamask:

  • A Trezor Connect prompt will pop up asking for permissions and a request to export the public key. Allow and export to continue.

WebUSB is an API for the Chrome browser: