Is it possible to recover hidden wallets without a trezor device? how about shamir restore?

hi guys
i am a new trezor t owner
trying to decide on my hodl strategy here with the features of this device.

i have 2 questions in this regards:

  1. assuming I am using classic backup, i keep my seed words safe, and I lose my trezor and want to restore my wallet, I can use any bip39 supported wallet, but what about recovering Hidden wallets I created on the trezor with passpharses? Any 3rd party wallets that support those as well?

  2. Same question for shamir back, assuming I want to recover my wallet but do not have access to a trezor T device, can I recover my seed words from a shamir backup with out a device?

thanks alot

Welcome @funky2

recovery seed and passphrase is all you need to recover your funds in any compatible wallet.




Hope these help

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thanks Rimas

but i have never seen a wallet ask me for a passpharse when I restored from seed keys, which does?

also about Shamir, are you familiar with any soft wallets that support this feature?

  1. you always need wallet that supports the passphrase feature: Apps - Trezor Wiki

  2. Shamir is currently only supported on Trezor