Is it possible to convert/exchange (not sure what's the correct term) ETH tokens to ETH?

I followed the other links/videos to transfer my other coins (CRV, ZRX, USDC, and MATIC) to my Trezor wallet, which appear as “Tokens” under “Ethereum #1

I clicked on the external site icons on the right side (inside the red box) to view each coin in the Ethereum Explorer.
Ethereum Explorer - MATIC

I noticed that I have 0 ETH under each but have ETH tokens under “Including Tokens,” and it has a corresponding USD monetary value on the right (values are redacted for privacy purposes).

Since I have 0 ETH, is there a way to convert/exchange (not sure what the correct term is) ETH tokens to ETH to keep the total USD value? Converting/exchanging the CRV, ZRX, USDC, and MATIC coins directly to USD will yield a much lower monetary value, so I’m debating whether to withdraw some and move it as USD elsewhere.

Hi @zeratul,

First, I would like to point out that after you see the overall contract information in the ETH blockchain explorer. It is understandable that contracts do not have any ETH.

Please keep in mind that ERC20 tokens you have (CRV, ZRX, USDC, MATIC) are separated cryptocurrencies that are using ETH blockchain. ETH is also a separate cryptocurrency. Please, find more information on ERC20 tokens at

If you want you can exchange these cryptocurrencies directly in Trezor Suite, information on how to do it can be found at

I’m trying to wrap my head around all this and had to reread and let this marinate in my mind for a while. If I understand correctly, ERC20 tokens use the ETH blockchain but aren’t ETH themselves, which is why it says “0 ETH” and “Including Tokens.”

I’m not sure if this is correct, but here’s the analogy I came up with to help me understand: just because someone has an assembly line in a factory doesn’t mean it’s tied to Henry Ford or makes cars. Similarly, ERC20 tokens use the ETH “assembly line” but aren’t ETH themselves. Is this the right way of thinking about it?

Yes, ERC20 tokens use the Ethereum blockchain, but they are not ETH. ETH is just needed in order to pay the transaction fee if you want to send these ERC20 tokens (because they use the Ethereum network and fees are paid in ETH on the Ethereum network).

Please, find more information on ERC20 tokens at

Got it, thank you for your assistance and expertise!