Is it possible for a remote server to see a trezor on my local network using trezorctl

been messing around with trezorctl and trezor-agent

when I run

(trezortest) [email protected]:~/python/trezortest$ trezorctl ethereum get-address -n “m/44’/60’/0’/0/0”
Failed to find a Trezor device.

I have been messing with this on my local pc, and coppied the exact co

I then messed around with trezor-agent and, and used it as a key to login to the server… but when i run get addres:
Failed to find a Trezor device.

So maybe this isn’t even possible… but I’m guessing that it is and I just don’t know how, and if it isn’t is there something similar I am looking for.


That’s not what trezor-agent does. It’s an “agent” for SSH / GPG that uses trezor, not an agent for trezor.

What you would need to do is run Trezor Bridge locally and then forward the port 21325 to the remote server. Then trezorctl on the other side will be able to use your local Trezor.