Invalid address error

On the Trezor forum, I am trying to find an answer regarding the transfer of USDT (ERC 20) from Trezor to Binance. I copy the address to the Binance to transfer USDT (ERC 20) to the RECIPIENT line in the Trezor, and the error “invalid address” appears. I couldn’t ask this question on the forum, please help me find the answer

Do you also see convert to checksum address next to the Address is not valid in Trezor Suite ?

If yes, just click on the convert to checksum address (it is actually interactive button even if it doesn’t look like it is), it should resolve your issue.

Hello, I have a similar question: I am a Trezor wallet user, during this time I have received and sent various tokens many times. I am currently trying to send USDT tokens from my Trezor wallet to an exchange on the ERC 20 network. Trezor writes: invalid address. I wrote to the exchange, they checked, replied that everything was fine, look for an error on the part of Trezor. Tell me, please, what should I do?

Maybe you should to correct the checksum of the Ethereum address in the Trezor?

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Hi @buck.spb,

As @Viktor_1BTC mentioned, you should click “Convert to checksum address”. See the post from above: Invalid address error - #2 by zapla