Importing Trezor on a Metamask Wallet (Android)

Can I import my Trezor hardware wallet on Metamask browser to Metamask on a Android Phone?

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you can connect a hardware wallet on desktop

However, I would advise two things

  1. create a separate wallet address incase it gets deained(ideally, you would want a completely separate hardware wallet/seed for third-party Apps)

  2. if you are going to connect it to a third-party cross reference to wallet addresses to make sure you’re seeing and using the right past phrase set the wallet up in Trezor Suite 1st then basically piggyback it onto MetaMask (ideally send a tiny amount of ETH in fist but why you will see Balance after you set it up, then when you load it into MetaMask cross reference to Wallet addresses, and also it will have a small balance)


No, it is not possible. MM does not have HW wallet connection feature in mobile app.

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would the team have plans for mobile phone connection (both android and ios) in the future?

That is a question for Metamask support. (Trezor can’t be connected to iOS at all).